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Social Media Marketing Training Feedback | Mary Portas Pilot

I love doing Social Media Marketing Training!

No matter what level of knowledge there is in the room (and it’s always very mixed/varied!), I love the buzz, the questions, the interactivity…and the fact that, for most people, there seems to be a ‘lightbulb moment’ when they ‘get’ what it’s all about.

Social Media Marketing Training Rotherham | Lighbulb Moments

It is, of course, pretty much impossible to solve everyone’s problems in one short session, especially when there is such disparity in a group between levels of experience and knowledge; the great thing is seeing how those that have more experience in certain areas of social media marketing then help out the others, so it’s not all just ME standing at the front ‘imparting knowledge’.  People know more than they think they do, and sometimes bringing them together in a workshop setting allows them to realise just how much they already know!

Yesterday, I ran the first of the Social Media Marketing Workshops for Rotherham town centre retailers under the Mary Portas Pilot scheme for town centre improvements.

The energy in the room was great, even though it was late, at the end of a long day for everyone (5.45pm to 8.45pm) and it was quite a warm, muggy evening.  Everyone had lots of questions and the 3 hours flew by!

I’m delighted that attendee has now set up a Twitter account and immediately started tweeting:


(I think he meant ‘lesson’, but I’ll let him off 😉 )

I also received another lovely bit of feedback last night after the workshop:


Thank you :) I look forward to next week’s session, too!

If you are interested in social media marketing training, either in a workshop-setting or 1-2-1, get in touch!