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Engaging Content is King | Engage your customers with worthy content

“What Social Media Content Should I Post?” is the question that so many people ask me over and over again

Mastering the technicalities of social media sites is purely a matter of learning, but knowing what social media content to post seems to be a big barrier to effective use of social media sites as marketing tools


I’ve just read a great blog post by Zoober that gave a clear and concise description of each of the lesser-known social media sites used by businesses as marketing tools.

This post made me think of the importance of SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT in 2 ways:


1. Because it was a useful and easy-to-read post, I wanted to share it with my followers and have done so on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and on this blog. So BIG TICK FOR GREAT CONTENT. Great content will be SHARED by your readers, which makes it viral, which spreads your brand further…and that’s one of the KEY things that social media marketing should achieve.
2. I know that some people reading the post will think “that’s great, but what do I post on all these sites?”

So what social media content should you post?  What social media content will your readers find engaging and worthy of sharing?


Let’s go back to marketing basics (remember, social media should form part of your overall marketing strategy): 
Who is your target market/customer?
What are they interested in?
Once you have addressed and answered those questions, you can put yourself in their shoes.  Let’s look at an example:
You own and run a bridal shop.  Who are your target customers? Brides to be, primarily, and also mothers-of-the-bride-to-be, sisters, Maids of Honour etc.
What are they interested in? Wedding gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses, shoes, accessories etc, of course.  So your first content idea is this: Post about your own products, post links to related products you don’t sell that you think would complement your range, use beautiful images and testimonials.
But are your target customers ONLY interested in those items? Of course not.  They’re living, breathing human beings with a wide range of interests.  So expand your remit a little bit, staying within the wedding theme.  They may be interested in flowers, event organisers, bands & entertainers, wedding favour providers, card makers, caterers, cake makers/decorators…you get the idea…
So here is your next content idea: Post content about those products and topics, find blog posts about how to organise the perfect wedding, how to write and deliver the perfect best man speech, the latest trends for what the important men at a wedding should wear, etc.
Then take it a bit further.  Aside from being involved in their own or a close relative/friend’s wedding, your target customers have lives.  Do they have children?  Do they drive cars?  Do they own a home?  Do they go to work? Do they enjoy humour?  Do they watch TV and go to the cinema?  Do they eat out?
Suddenly, the world’s your oyster Most things you find interesting will be interesting to at least part of your audience!  Funny pictures, cute pictures, beautiful pictures – these will be pinned & re-pinned on Pinterest, they’ll be shared on Facebook and retweeted on Twitter! Interesting articles will be shared & talked about over coffee!  Useful links will be forwarded and commented on!
Once you take the blinkers off and look beyond the world of your business and your products, it’s easy to find interesting content to share.  You don’t have to re-invent the wheel.  Yes, write your own posts, write your own blog entries with advice and thoughts etc, but there is a wealth of content out there that has already been written.  Its authors will be happy you’re sharing it.  Your followers will enjoy reading & sharing it and will be happy to find all that interesting social media content on YOUR site/facebook page/blog/twitter account etc, so they don’t have to trawl the web for it.  And you’ll get a growing base of loyal followers that will spread the word about your brand and help you grow your customer base. Everybody wins.

Do the above expansion exercise for your own business and you will soon have more content to share than you know what to do with!

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