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#doncasterhour a huge success

  #doncasterhour was fantastic tonight! We had a huge number of #doncasterhour tweets tonight… A great night that showed that online networking really does work.  So much positive feedback!  And also, a huge thank you to #wetherbyhour who, despite having their hands full launching their hour tonight, also took the time to point people in the direction of #doncasterhour It ... Read More »


  Storify A very simple yet incredibly powerful social media tool I love learning new stuff, and today I’ve stumbled upon (later than some, I’m sure, but better late than never!) an incredibly simple social media tool….STORIFY.   [View the story “Storify – a very powerful tool!” on Storify] Read More »

Doncaster Businesses | #doncasterhour | Doncaster Success

    Doncaster Businesses rallied together again last night to make the 2nd #doncasterhour a huge success…   …showing yet again that Doncaster businesses show a tremendous community spirit   Twitter saw another enormous wave of activity from Doncaster businesses last night as all descended upon this platform to tweet using the #doncasterhour hashtag between the hours of 8pm and ... Read More »

#doncasterhour a huge success!

    Last night’s first ever #doncasterhour was a huge success! Between 8pm and 9pm last night, something strange happened on Twitter.  A flurry of activity bearing the #doncasterhour hashtag… I took inspiration from #yorkshirehour (@yorkshire_hour) in creating #doncasterhour (@doncaster_hour) and then set about creating as much ‘buzz’ about it as I could in order to ensure that the first ... Read More »

Doncaster Hour on Twitter | #doncasterhour | @doncaster_hour

    #doncasterhour is the new phenomenon on Twitter! #doncasterhour: Tweetmoting Doncaster Businesses I’ve just launched #doncasterhour, a weekly tweeting extravaganza aimed at raising the profile of Doncaster businesses across the UK Inspired by the hugely popular #yorkshirehour (@yorkshire_hour), I* have created #doncasterhour (Twitter account: @doncaster_hour) to help Doncaster businesses promote themselves and each other in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. ... Read More »