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#doncasterhour | Every Tuesday

8pm to 9pm on Twitter

Do you sell a product or service in Doncaster?

Is your business based in Doncaster?

Do you have a branch/site in Doncaster?

Then #doncasterhour is THE place to be!

Please note: Frederika Roberts of Social Media Marketing Angel set up and ran #doncasterhour from July 2012 to September 2014 before handing it over into the capable hands of the team at Utopia Creative.  See full article for more information:  A Utopian Future for Doncaster Businesses | #doncasterhour news

#doncasterhour is an online networking hour (inspired by #yorkshirehour) and it’s very simple to take part:

  • Search for the #doncasterhour hashtag and reply & retweet posts you find interesting
  • Follow any Twitter users you’ve discovered during the process that you’re interested in reading more tweets from
  • Add the #doncasterhour hashtag to your own tweets and watch the retweets, replies and new followers mount up!

The key, as always, is engagement.  The more you interact with other twitter users during the hour, the more response you’ll get.

It’s ok to post your news & promotions, but do help spread the word about other people’s news & promotions, too…be helpful and retweet other people’s posts.  Thank those that retweet yours. Basically, follow standard “twittiquette” :)

Where else can you network so effortlessly without having to leave your house?  #doncasterhour puts the social back into social media, allowing you to interact purposefully with other Twitter users in the Doncaster area!

Need more information?

You can read previous blog posts about #doncasterhour here.

So, remember: 8-9pm, every Tuesday, tweet #doncasterhour