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How to recover your Facebook page admin rights

Recover Facebook page admin access

Has your Facebook Page admin left the business?  Have you lost track of who your Facebook Page admin is?  Are you struggling to get access to your Facebook page admin settings?  Struggling to get hold of a real person at Facebook to help you?  I had all of these problems, too, but have found the solution and wanted to share ... Read More »

How to make a word cloud

Word Cloud | Wordle | Recipe for Happiness

4 simple steps to making a word cloud Here is how to create a word cloud for free I have just found a really cool word cloud tool that is absolutely free to use. It’s simple and quick to use and you can use the resulting cloud in any way you want, including commercially. The word cloud I just created ... Read More »

4 lessons we can learn from Procter & Gamble’s ‘Thank you Mom’ campaigns


What makes the P&G ‘Thank You Mom’ campaigns so shareable? Emotion, emotion, emotion This morning, I saw a Procter & Gamble advert from their Sochi Winter Olympics-themed ‘Thank You Mom’ campaign. Wow! I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes.  I felt compelled to share the advert on facebook and to blog about it and write an article on LinkedIn. ... Read More »

Speaking up for Women in Yorkshire and UK-wide | Press Release

Outgoing PSA Yorkshire President Lee Jackson (right) formally hands over the PSA Yorkshire presidency to Frederika Roberts (left)

This is a copy of my original post: Speaking up for Women in Yorkshire and UK-wide | Press Release, published on The Happiness Speaker website Please visit The Happiness Speaker to read the full post ***For immediate release/publication***   Speaking up for Women in Yorkshire and UK-wide On Saturday 18th October, Frederika Roberts took over from Lee Jackson as President ... Read More »

A Utopian Future for Doncaster Businesses | #doncasterhour news

Doncasterhour | #Doncasterhour | Doncaster Networking

Good morning and welcome to a new week with lots of exciting developments in Social Media, though none as exciting as our news, of course! 😉 Below is a copy of the Press Release regarding #doncasterhour: Doncaster’s 2-year-old #doncasterhour takes on a creative new direction with Ryan Oldfield of Utopia Creative The management of the successful Twitter networking hour, #doncasterhour, ... Read More »