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Frederika Roberts: Social Media Marketing Angel

Twitter…what a ludicrous idea!

“Why would anyone want to use Twitter?? Share your life in 140 character snippets with complete strangers?  Who wants to know what you had for breakfast, anyway?”

That was pretty much my reaction when I first heard about Twitter!

Surprising, considering I’ve always embraced new technology, new ideas and was already, at the time, quite involved in social media, from a social and from a marketing perspective.

I just didn’t ‘get’ Twitter and why it would ever catch on.  So I can understand why a number of people feel the same. I did, however, look into it and rapidly saw its potential as a marketing tool. Twitter, along with all the other social media that are out there and all the ones that haven’t been developed yet, is here;  ignore its potential at your peril.

How does that tell you anything about me, I hear you ask…

It tells you that it’s normal to fear the unknown and to wonder how anyone can possibly express anything in 140 or fewer characters.  It tells you that I understand, I know, because I used to feel the same. It tells you that the world of social media marketing is constantly evolving and that I have made it my business to evolve with it.

I stumbled upon Social Media Marketing a few years ago, when I started promoting my Recruitment business, Jarvis Johnson, online. I found out about LinkedIn and although I might not have been amongst the first adopters of this medium, I was there pretty early, thanks to a good friend who told me about it.  I started blogging for business before it was such a huge ‘must-do’ for any would-be social media-savvy business. And yes, I got a Twitter account even though I wasn’t sure what to do with it at the time.

When I see something new and intriguing, I have to try it out.  I like to learn and I learn best by doing.  So in the course of marketing my recruitment business, I tried strategies & techniques, made mistakes along the way and learnt from those mistakes.

I also had the opportunity to try out my skills with my local Toastmasters International club, Doncaster Speakers, and began to realise that I was achieving very real results; by using targeted keywords across various social media, including twitter, of course, I was achieving excellent search engine rankings.  (I’m now working on the club’s social media accounts and website in a more formal manner, as their Webmaster and social media account manager.)

In early 2012, a friend told me about a business that needed some Social Media Marketing support, and I thought “why not?”.  I obtained the contract and Social Media Marketing Angel was born!

Hopefully this gives you an overview of my background and some idea of why you should trust me with your Social Media Marketing, but don’t just take my word for it. Here are just SOME of the comments from attendees at one of my recent workshops:

“Fantastic presentation — lot of info in short space of time. Really relevant — some great quick wins to utilise social media more effectively.”

“Very interesting and useful, practical advice given in this workshop. It was a very enjoyable event and exceeded my expectations.”

“Very knowledgeable and well presented, pitched at v. good level not patronising”

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Frederika Roberts

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